Faculty & Staff Information

Annicelia Agbayani, Teacher

20 yrs at OLGC BA & MA: Mariano Marcos State University

As a loving, caring, nurturing, understanding, and patient teacher, my foremost goal is the welfare and well-being of my students. I love OLGC because the students and staff are very friendly. I thank God for blessing me with a wonderful family at Our Lady of Good Counsel School.

Esther L. Amano, Teacher

27 yrs at OLGC BS: Brigham Young & PD: U. of Hawaii

On the first day I stepped onto the campus in 1991, I felt at home due to the outpouring of love from the faculty and staff.

Having the opportunity to pray, attend church, talk about Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, and learn of the gospel continue to bless our school.

At Our Lady of Good Counsel School, our graduates are now bringing their children to be taught not only the academics, but also moral values.

Needless to say, I believe that being a teacher at OLGC is a calling rather than a job to be able to touch the lives of others.

All who visit our campus recognize that we are part of a special school community, because of the spirit of ohana and the love we have for one another.

Tori Bautista, Teacher

12 yrs at OLGC BA: Chaminade University

OLGC is a special school community because of the small, close knit family feeling. With a small school, I am able t know just about every child’s name and face, and it allows me to build a special bond with the children (along with their families) of the school, whether I teach them or not. I am a former DOE teacher, who is fortunate enough, to sacrifice money for being able to teach children to follow in the footsteps of God. OLGC has also allowed me to reach out to the children and show them the light of Christ through our many service projects.

Warren Cabading, Teacher

12 yrs at OLGC BA: University of Hawaii at Manoa

It's great to be back after 5 years being away. When I first came to Our Lady of Good Counsel School in 2003 the students knew me as their Computer Teacher for three years. I eventually left and taught in public school system for five years at Kapolei High School as the Graphic Arts teacher. Since then, I have had the opportunity to gain tons of experience in the secondary education system that I feel would help prepare your students for the next level. It's always pleasure to be a part of God believing family community and an environment that is family oriented. 

Donna Daligcon, Teacher

27 yrs at OLGC BA: U. of Hawaii

I was teaching part-time at various Catholic Schools and OLGC gave me the opportunity to work full-time. OLGC is a special ohana (family) community, because my family lives on the mainland. The faculty, staff, and students are my ohana (family).

Also as a PE teacher and coach, I realized that during our away games, some of the other Catholic Schools didn’t know where our school was until the student athletes shined and put OLGC on the map!

Chantelle Enos, Teacher

6 yrs at OLGC BS: Chaminade University & MA: University of Scranton

I feel very blessed to work in a profession in which I learn and grow as much as my students do. I'm an alumnus of OLGC School and I'm so proud to be back as a teacher who can influence students as OLGC teachers have for me.

Erika Ledesma, Teacher

6 yrs at OLGC BA: U. of Hawaii West Oahu & AA: Briarwood College

After volunteering at OLGC with Cub Scouts and as a parent of student who used to attend OLGC, I felt a strong attraction to the school. I enjoy making teaching fun and interesting for the children. The opportunity to work here has been a blessing in my life.

Joselynn Loiselle, Teacher

11 yrs at OLGC BS: Southern Illinois University

After volunteering in the OLGC Preschool, I decided to go back to work. After completing the DOE substitute program, OLGC asked me to sub for them, and four years later, I am still here but as a full time teacher.

I love working with co-workers who give their time and talent in our school. I love watching my children embracing our Catholic faith every day and volunteering in activities. Two memorable moments that truly tickled my heart was when both my children in different times of their lives asked for a gift, they asked for an altar!

Dominic Olaso, Teacher

19 yrs at OLGC BA: U. of Hawaii at Hilo

I live to serve the LORD and at OLGC, I am able to use most of the gifts the LORD has given minister to the children.

Since the school promotes total Catholic Identity—weekly Mass, monthly Rosary, and Reconciliation during Advent and Lent, and staff faith formation, being here is a perfect fit.

Besides echoing the teachings of CHRIST passed on through the Apostles, I am allowed to enkindle the students’ faith through contemporary Catholic/Christian music and give them opportunities to encounter the living CHRIST.

Teresa Pang, Teacher

15 yrs at OLGC BA: U. of Hawaii and MA: U. of Hawaii

OLGC is a school where everyone knows each other. Many of our teachers have been here long enough that we’ve seen our students grow from preschool to 8th grade graduation. It is a wonderful feeling to see all that they have achieved through the years with us.

Genette Perreira, Teacher

12 yrs at OLGC BA: U. of Hawaii

Just a special place with special caring people

Excellent curriculum and technologically sound

Staff that are knowledgeable and nurturing

Understanding teachers that are supportive of students, family, teachers, and staff

Spiritually active in our Catholic faith

Shirley Reynon, Teacher

9 yrs at OLGC BA: U. of Hawaii

My most memorable moment at OLGC occurred on the 1st day of school. A student prayed for her new teacher; she prayed for me. I felt very honored knowing that I am surrounded by loving and caring students who put God first. OLGC offers a challenging student centered academic curriculum fostered by a dedicated God-loving staff. The combination of these two lays a solid foundation for students to become productive, spiritually devoted young adults.

Mary Tavares, Teacher

27 yrs at OLGC BA: U. of Phoenix

In the summer of 1997, I was helping set up the classroom as a teacher assistant when Mrs. Olaso offered me a teaching position. I had just graduated from college and couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I quickly accepted and twenty years later, I am still thankful for the opportunity I was given. I am blessed to have the chance to teach children who are 3 and 4 years old, and watch them grow up and graduate from OLGC. Many of the families have stayed in touch and I am now seeing those students bring their children to OLGC.

Sylvia Tsuda, Teacher

17 yrs at OLGC BA: U. of Hawaii and MA: Chaminade University

OLGC is a wonderful community of love and family, that is deeply rooted in our strong Catholic Faith. This was especially evident to me when my son expressed to me that he felt “holy” and ‘the teachers really care about you.” From that moment on, I knew this was home!

Heidi Valencia, Librarian

16 yrs at OLGC

OLGC is a special place to me for many reasons, but if I had to pick one, it would have to be the time that one of our students fell gravely ill and the doctors didn’t think she would live. The faculty and staff really came together to help the family with meals, support, and most importantly prayer. We all went to the hospital to sing and pray with the student and her family on a regular basis. I truly believe that made such a difference in her recovery. She survived and recently graduated from high school. She is such an inspiration to us and we thank God everyday that she is still with us.

Support Staff

Rayette Badua-Villamor, Teacher Assistant

7 yrs at OLGC

OLGC is a special school community because we not only educate our students but also teach our children life lessons. We also relate these life lessons with our curriculum.

Nellie Enos, Receptionist

26 yrs at OLGC

I started at Our Lady of Good Counsel School in 1991, leaving a high paying job behind. I never considered working for OLGC until a teacher assistant by name of Mrs. Caravlho, asked me if I would be interested in working for the school. After much consideration, I made the decision to leave and it was the best thing I ever did. My two daughters are graduates of OLGC School and I still continue to work for the school. I love my job. OLGC School is a wonderful place to work.

Devorah Gomez, Teacher Assistant

6 yrs at OLGC BS: Hawaii Business College

OLGC is a loving, nurturing environment that empowers children to learn at their own pace and allows them to blossom and builds their own self-esteem. They are taught, cared for, and guided all under the covering of a belief in Jesus Christ and the knowledge of God's words. I am so blessed to be a part of Our Lady of Good Counsel School. May the Lord our God continue to bless us all!

Ginger Kamisugi, Teacher Assistant

13 yrs at OLGC

Our school community is very special. It is a place where students can be "themselves" and not feel afraid of ridicule and rejection. Our students deeply care for one another as they would for those who make up their family. They believe that their classmates are an extension of their family and so, have a very close bond with one another.

 Teri Nicolas, Secretary

26 yrs at OLGC

After almost 21 years at Our Lady of Good Counsel School, I can’t imagine working anywhere else. I love the many service projects our school is involved in. One that I’m especially involved in is our Homeless Ministry ,where we cook and serve meals to the homeless. Working here as the school’s secretary is so fulfilling for me. Not only do I work and serve the people here at OLGC, but the school also gives me the opportunity to be of service to the community as well.

JoAnn Pamplona, Teacher Assistant/ASC Leader

12 yrs at OLGC

It’s a joy that we can tell the children about Jesus’ life and love for us. The students try to follow the examples with their friends. We pray together every morning as a community and offer prayers to those in need.

Melisa Park

7 yrs at OLGC

Michele Weaver, Accounts Receivable

11 yrs at OLGC

Our Lady of Good Counsel School is a family oriented school where the faculty and staff truly care about each student and each other. I sent my three children here for that reason. I felt the loving environment from the first day I stepped foot onto the campus. I loved it so much that now I even work for the school in the accounting department. Our Lady of Good Counsel School’s is my second family.