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Honor Roll: 4th Quarter

The Honor Roll is a special recognition for outstanding academic achievement and attitude. It is based on the student’s total grade point average for the preceding quarter or semester, as well as behavior (total amount of demerits). The minimum grade point required for Honor Roll recognition based on all subjects is a 3.0. All academic grades should be at least of a C or Satisfactory level (S-), and the conduct of a student cannot be below a Satisfactory level (S-). The conduct grade is primarily based on the total amount of demerits received during the quarter.

Honor Roll List: 

All academic honor students must have a Satisfactory grade for both Effort and Conduct.  All non-core subjects must also have a Satisfactory grade.

Second Honors (3.0 – 3.5)

  • Grade 3:  Brenyn
  • Grade 4:  Alana, Cristian, Alyssa, Kailee, Alex, Tyla Reese, Keila M., Patrick, Ethan
  • Grade 5:  Conner, Sarah Simone Jayce Lynn, Raven, Travis, Dylan Christian
  • Grade 6:  Jaycen, Sean, Destyn, Asia, Christa-Faith, Lauren, Jaydon, Benjamin Blaise
  • Grade 7:  Sheldyn, Arielle, Angleyne, Paul Jr.
  • Grade 8:  

First Honors (3.6 – 3.9)

  • Grade 3: Kiera, Carolyn, Jadyn, Ferrari, Cameron
  • Grade 4: Claudia Jean, Catherine 
  • Grade 5: Reyn, Leanna, Caitlyn, Erika, Lisette
  • Grade 6: Alyssa, William, Richard, Griffyn, Matthew V
  • Grade 7: Sierra, Benjamin Tiara, Phoebe
  • Grade 8: 

Principal’s List (4.0 and higher)

  • Grade 3: Joseph, Joshua, Alyssa, Nathan, Kylie, Zander, Hunter, Malie, Brenna, Kaytlyn, Colby, Zane, Kylie, Savanna, Nicholas
  • Grade 4: Christine, Chloe
  • Grade 5:
  • Grade 6: Anela, Lyndsey, and Maxwell S.
  • Grade 7: John and Victoria
  • Grade 8: 

Presidential Education Awards Program

The purpose of the President's Education Awards Program is to recognize students that demonstrate outstanding educational growth, commitment or intellectual development in the academic subjects of math and/or reading.

To be eligible for the President's Award for Educational Achievement, students must score in the 80th - 84th percentile or higher in math and/or reading, and also have a GPA of 3.5 or higher.

  • Gr. 3: Malie
  • Gr. 4: Tyla Reese, Kailee H., Raven
  • Gr. 5:
  • Gr. 6: Christa-Faith
  • Gr. 7: Shelby
  • Gr. 8:

To be eligible for the President's Award for Educational Achievement Excellence, students msuts score in the 85th percentile or higher in math and/or reading, and also have a GPA of 3.6 or higher.

  • Gr. 3: KaileeT., Kylee C, Alyssa
  • Gr. 4:
  • Gr. 5:
  • Gr. 6: Lyndsey, Maxwell, Matthew
  • Gr. 7: Sierra, Paul Jr.
  • Gr. 8: