Our Lady of Good Counsel

Student Learning Expectations

Our Lady of Good Counsel School & Preschool has developed these learning expectations to serve as a frame work and guidance tools for curricula. These expectations are broad statements of what our students, staff, and administration are striving to achieve.

  1. Active Christians who:
    1. pray & show respect for God and Church
    2. demonstrate Christ-like behavior by respecting self & others
    3. are knowledgable in our Roman Catholic faith and teachings
    4. prepare and participate in Mass
  2. Life Long Learners who:
    1. read for enjoyment and learning
    2. demonstrate basic knowledge in all subjects
    3. use study, research, and technology skills
  3. Problem Solvers who:
    1. work independently and with others to create solutions
    2. identify, analyze, and list possible solutions
    3. select the best choice and revise if needed
  4. Effective Communicators who:
    1. express written thoughts clearly, using correct grammar and mechanics
    2. speak publicly with confidence
    3. present themselves appropriately
    4. listen and respond respectfully
  5. Self-Evaluators who:
    1. assess own strenghts and areas for improvement
    2. analyze one's behavior and school work