Our Lady of Good Counsel


OLGC is special to me because it is like a second home to me. I’ve been here at OLGC ever since preschool 4. I have really had a chance to become close to the faculty, staff, and students. Here at OLGC, we treat each other like family. Over the years, I have learned so much. Not only do we learn about math and science, we also learn more about our religion. Each week, we have a chance to experience the Mass. The teachers are very understanding and helpful. We also get a chance to get to know the younger students with our buddy system.

C. Baclig, Class of 2011

What makes this school special is that this school learns and follows the way of God!

E. Rivera, Class of 2012

I love OLGC because from the students to the teachers, everyone is nice. You would always be greeted when you walk into the room. I also like the way you would be treated if you were new. I remember when I was new to OLGC in the first grade. Everyone wanted to be my friend. All of my classmates hugged me and asked me to play with them during recess.

L. Pajimula, Class of 2011

Our Lady of Good Counsel School is a fantastic value for military families. It's convenient location in Pearl City is near military housing areas. Showing up mid-year, we thought we'd feel like outsiders. Thankfully we felt welcome from the beginning--they even invited us to visit the classroom during school to see the teachers and students in action. Our son fit right in! The class sizes are small enough to guarantee personal attention and every classroom has air conditioning. The staff and faculty are very open and friendly. The application process is simple and our research showed the cost was very competitive for the high quality of academic and religious classes. OLGCS is definitely one of the highlights of our tour in Hawaii!

Mrs. Jennifer Spencer

As an alumni of Our Lady of Good Counsel School, it was a pleasure and wonderful experience for me. I should know since I was at the school for ten years. Our Lady offered me a wealth of academics, as well as sports and social interaction in a religious setting. There are multiple reasons why I loved OLGC, but the main reason is because the teachers here are not just teachers, they are like your aunties and uncles. The teachers here know how to work with each individual in their class. The other thing is that since is a small school in Pearl City, everyone knows each other from preschool through 8th grade. As you progress and move on to 7 – 8th grade you start to see each person in your class like a brother and sister, and when you cry, they cry.

The Catholic faith at OLGC is very strong. Religion is taught by Mr. D, he showed us the way when we were lost in our faith. He teaches us what is right from wrong, and shares stories from the Bible. The students at OLGC go to church on Thursdays every week. We have fun when the students learn about GOD. We would sing, dance, and have really fun games. If you decide to send your kids to OLGC, they will love you forever, I know I did!

Antonio “AJ” Maluyo, Class of 2010

I am a former student and teacher of Our Lady of Good Counsel School. As a student, I particularly took joy in the faith-centered education the school provides. The school provided the opportunities needed for me to grow and mature academically and spiritually. During the last few years as a student at OLGC, I found my personal relationship with God and realized the importance of the Gospel values of peace, love, justice, respect and service.

While teaching at OLGC, I was able to witness and experience the ‘behind-the-scenes’ work. I got to take part in the teamwork of the staff and learned what the school does daily to encourage the academic and spiritual development of students- I discovered the ways OLGC puts a focus on successfully teaching the standard subjects while integrating faith. I appreciate the time I had working in partnership with the supportive staff and students’ families.

Miss Chantelle Enos, Class of 2000