Academics » Preschool


Our Lady of Good Counsel Preschool operates under the belief that young children need to be exposed to a variety of experiences to enhance their social, emotional, and cognitive development and prepare them for entry into the elementary school.
Our curriculum includes the following:
  • Catholic foundation
  • Catholic identity
Language Arts
  • Letter recognition
  • Introduction to sounds
  • Proper letter formation
  • Number recognition
  • Rote counting
  • Sequencing/patterns
  • Science as inquiry
  • Earth systems and the Universe
  • Health education
  • Physical science
  • Life science
Social Studies
  • Rules
  • School community
  • Good citizenship
  • Where I live
  • Symbols
  • Community helpers
  • Buddy systems
  • Fire safety
  • Family
  • Our World
  • Transportation
  • Elements of color, line, shape and form through a variety of mediums
  • Paint, clay, collage, print
Physical Education
  • Basic motor skill development