Principal's Remarks for the End of the '18 - '19 School Year

Principal Chantelle Luarca
OLGC School Community,
As you reach the end of the school year, you may take time to reflect on memories. I believe you will agree, the theme of this past 10-month journey is perseverance. Looking back at the beginning, I distinctly recall making a major announcement to our students at a Wednesday assembly. It was a grand invitation for all students to take part in our first-ever musical production, to get involved in the various clubs, sports, and extra-curricular activities to discover new interests, and to set an academic goal while recognizing their teachers' loving support. The energy was high, the applause was booming, and the community's attitude was one of shining hope!
Ten-months have passed since that Wednesday morning in August. The energy is heightened by the show of vibrant smiles held by students who have learned new confidences by taking part in something new, and by early conversations about planning next year's events. There is more reason to applaud as we see new faces at quarterly award assemblies, hear about many students' academic achievements in district and state competitions, the determination of every athlete, a season of no losses by the boys' basketball team, and the outstanding acting of 48 cast members of the Pied Piper Musical! The hopeful attitude of our community shines even brighter as we've been through challenges that taught us more about ourselves, our strengths and areas to strengthen. We each persevered and experienced the wonderful feelings that come from hard work and trusting God's loving plan.
There has been outstanding growth this year and I'm looking forward to what's ahead! I pray every student will keep sharing Jesus' light with all the people they meet this summer and always. May we each remain constant in our efforts to persevere in all that we do! Let's remember, 'We are successful as long as we keep trying. We should not fear tomorrow's challenges... God is already there!'
Sincerely In Christ,
Mrs. Chantelle Luarca