Principal's Remarks for the End of the School Year

June 2024
Parents and Friends of Our Lady of Good Counsel School,
I thank all the school families for their continued support and encouragement.  Our school is celebrating a monumental year, with students learning, playing, and praying with joy and spirit everyday. It is the year we are learning daily about the HOLY SPIRIT! It's no wonder we're recognizing new opportunities and taking a new perspective. Truths and realities for becoming better Christians are becoming more and more apparent, and so easy to accept, because we know God's power does not stop. With new challenges, comes a new chance to ask the Holy Spirit for an outpouring of a gift. This is a personal experience for me, and I pray all of our community-students, teachers, and parents- see and embrace the beauty of God's goodness given by the Holy Spirit.
I especially thank the teachers and staff for their generosity to school life.  Without their faithfulness and dedication to their students, school functions, fundraisers, and celebrations,  none of our daily success would be possible. As you are probably noticing, our teachers and staff are expected beyond the school day, and they operate through it all with giving hearts and smiles because the students are the ones that benefit. We often pause to reflect on how "worth it" it all is. 
This year may have presented some new challenges for your child, and the spring and summer breaks are the perfect time to address them.  Our children, like all of us, have a natural need to be loved and attended to.  I have seen evidence in many of our students an excessive attachment to digital entertainment.  Through my daily experiences in simply catching up with students, I see digital influences, and social media platforms in the middle school, filling a space in the hearts and minds of students. I often wonder if they are also reserving space for family.  As a mother of a six and three-year-old, I know first hand the challenges of helping kids be self-regulated and limited on their “screen time”.  I also understand the how the tasks of daily life can interfere with our ability and willingness to take the time necessary to fight that battle.  Regardless, the battle for the minds and hearts of our children must be won by the ohana.  I hope our families will find the vacation as an opportunity to take a break not only from school, but from the other routines that separate us from quality time together as families...
Use the time to be with family, and in the stories of JESUS' perfect love. Through Him, we are able to spend eternity with our loved ones. 
I love your children and I love our school. With that being said, thank you for your continued support the last year. Let's continue crushing our goals together! Together With Christ, What We Believe, We Can Achieve! 
Sincerely in Christ,
Mrs. Chantelle Luarca, MA Ed.