Principal's Remarks for the Distance Learning Program Implementation due to the covid-19 crisis

Principal Chantelle Luarca
OLGC Ohana-Staff, Students, and Families,
As you know, we are conducting DISTANCE LEARNING Monday, March 23 through the end of the 2020-2021 School Year. Thank you for your kind support while we prepared a plan and made adjustments as we learned ourselves. We are hopeful that tomorrow will run smoothly. We decided the best way to assign lessons is through Jupiter, as every child has an account, and every teacher on campus is able to connect using this secure site. After just a week of exploration, it still proves to be the best form to conduct our plan.
Some reminders as we enter this first week-
1. Everyone is encouraged to join in the most important part of the day MORNING PRAYER & ANNOUNCEMENTS together. We do this every day together and the only difference starting tomorrow is they'll be participating from home. A link is posted on every student's calendar. Click the link at 7:45 and we begin together at 7:50 am.
2. Gr. 4-8 MUST BE IN UNIFORM / PE UNIFORM ON PE DAYS- We believe dressing as an OLGC School student helps form the proper mindset. There will be free dress days throughout the program.
3. Join us in entering this effort joyfully and with mindfulness that the goal is to model for our students- patience, understanding, and cooperation. This is a first for each of us, and together we will be successful. If anything at all, our children will recognize us as people who love and support them unconditionally.
To my staff- Thank you for your commitment and efforts! Let us continue to be immersed by Saint Augustine's wisdom: “Pray as though everything depended on the Lord and work as though everything depended on you.”
With deep appreciation,

Mrs. Chantelle Luarca