Principal's Remarks for the End of the School Year

Principal Chantelle Luarca
OLGC School Ohana,

Peace be with you!

As this very extraordinary school year draws to a close, I reflect on a few thoughts & sentiments on behalf of the faculty and staff here at Our Lady of Good Counsel School. None of us imagined that we would ever need to implement such unique protocols and guidelines at school. As unusual as it has been, we close each day with gratitude in our hearts for the blessings that keep us going. I am especially grateful for Father Santhosh Thottankara, Father Joseph Pasala, our parish community, our school board, teachers, staff members, and family members of our students. Together, we continue to work as one team to ensure the best learning and faith-filled environment for our students and families.

Without a doubt, the success of our daily operation and ability to continue our mission would not be possible without the consistency and support of all families of our community. We want to thank you for your kindness, grace, and cooperation as our faculty and staff members worked to provide quality learning experiences for our students and to support their efforts to learn online when needed. We continue to be amazed by the flexibility, persistence and positivity that our students have shown as they have navigated this new and different way of attending school. Truly, we are resilient and we know we will come through difficult times having learned important lessons about ourselves as learners and teachers.

In closing,congratulations to the students of OLGC School! I wish you all a very relaxing and enjoyable summer. May the scripture, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” continue to be a guiding principle in all we do.
I look forward to seeing you all in August! Families who are not returning to our school will continue to be in our prayers as you make your journey on to new places.

In Christ’s peace,
Chantelle Luarca, MA Ed.
Our Lady of Good Counsel School