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Faculty and Staff Contact Details

Teachers are expected to reply to emails within 24 hours on Monday-Friday. If you require an immediate response for emergencies or to relay urgent messages, please call the school office (808)455-4533. 
Annie Agbayani Preschool 3 Teacher a.agbayani@olgchawaii.org
Esther Amano Grade 8 Teacher l.amano@olgchawaii.org
Melody Anzai Grade 3 Teacher / Art K-3 m.anzai@olgchawaii.org
Marife Argel Preschool 3 Assistant m.argel@olgchawaii.org
Rayette Badua-Villamor Resources & Library Teacher  miss.rayette@olgchawaii.org
Tori Bautista Grade 7 Teacher t.bautista@olgchawaii.org
Warren Cabading IT Teacher / Art 4-8 Teacher w.cabading@olgchawaii.org
Wendy Castillo Grade 1 Teacher w.castillo@olgchawaii.org
Donna Daligcon PE Teacher/ Sports Director d.daligcon@olgchawaii.org
Michaela  Davison First Gradel Assistant/ After School Teacher Gr. 3-8  m.davison@olgchawaii.org 
Nellie Enos Receptionist mrs.enos@olgchawaii.org
Jon Garcia Bookkeeper j.garcia@olgchawaii.org
Bernice Gemeniano Kindergarten Teacher b.gemeniano@olgchawaii.org
Sr. Wansuk Kyndait  Gr. 2-3 Religion Teacher sisterwansuk@olgchawaii.org 
Kathleen Guillen Grade 2 Teacher  k.guillen@olgchawaii.org
Brie Haner Grade 4 Teacher b.haner@olgchawaii.org
Michelle Johansen Grade 5 Teacher m.johansen@olgchawaii.org
She Marion  Lamb Substitute Teacher s.lamb@olgchawaii.org 
Chantelle Luarca Principal c.luarca@olgchawaii.org
Jovic  Luarca  Maintenance j.luarca@olgchawaii.org 
Teri Nicolas Secretary t.nicolas@olgchawaii.org
Dominic Olaso Grade 4-8 Teacher/ Campus Minister  d.olaso@olgchawaii.org
Jo Ann Pamplona Kindergarten Assistant/ Preschool After Care  j.pamplona@olgchawaii.org
Kimberly Pekelo Preschool 4 Assistant- ON-CALL k.pekelo@olgchawaii.org
Genette Perreira Preschool 4 Teacher g.perreira@olgchawaii.org
Cheryl Santos Preschool 4 Teacher c.santos@olgchawaii.org
Nellani Tabada After Care Monitor  n.tabada@olgchawaii.org
Sylvia Tsuda Grade 6 Teacher s.tsuda@olgchawaii.org
Michael Weaver After Care Monitor ON-CALL  m.weaver@olgchawaii.org
Flora Yee Recess & Health Teacher f.yee@olgchawaii.org